Responsibilities of Advisory Board Members

  • The The primary responsibilities of CAASR Advisory Board Members are to advice the Management and Editors-in-Chief on the strategic plans, annual activities and operations of the publications.
  • They also have to provide timely guidance on the performance and evaluation of the Staff of CAASR.
  • The CAASR Advisory Board members will provide input on the improvements of the programmes and constructive feedback in improving the quality and impact factor of the Journals.
  • The CAASR Advisory Board members will help in establishing associated tasks and timelines for the successful completion of its endeavours.
  • The CAASR Advisory Board members will maintain an open and effective communication with all members and staff of CAASR Publications.
  • Should be available for any undue events and representations when appropriate.
  • Should participate in all scheduled meetings and discussion.

Benefits to Advisory Board Members

  • Advisory Board Members of CAASR, have the privilege to join CAASR as Keynote Speaker / Chair person for session.
  • CAASR Advisory board members can also present papers / attend in CAASR Conferences at No Registration Cost.
  • Any one of the Advisory Board Member will get the chance at random to attend the Conferences.
  • CAASR Advisory Board member gets the chance to meet and discuss with International Personalities.
  • CAASR Advisory Board members also stand the chance to become the Editor-in-Chief in the International Journals of CAASR.