Integrated reporting- Opportunities & Challenges

Conference Title                         : CAASR International Conference on Contemporary Management Practices
Session Title                               : Integrated reporting- Opportunities & Challenges
Conference Date                        : 27th-28th November 2015
Submission Due                         : 21st October 2015

Proposed Abstract :

Integrated reporting gives stakeholders a holistic view of the company and its future. Integrated reporting is set to become the way companies around the world report their performance. The aim of the integrated report is to clearly and concisely tell the story of the company, who it is and what it does and how it creates value, its strategy, opportunities and risks, its business model and governance, and the performance against its strategic objectives in a way that gives stakeholders a holistic view of the company and its future. The challenges of integrating ESG information into investing can be daunting, from data acquisition to comparing data sets and verifying claims. Additionally, there are myriad views of what integrated reporting is and is not. On this spectrum lies everything from attaching a sustainability report as an addendum to a financial report to discussing a company’s financial results and prospects in the context of its long-term sustainability risks. We advocate for the latter but realize this leaves many details undefined for reporting companies until a credible integrated reporting framework is developed.
The main aim to organise this session is to reveal that what problems are facing by the corporate sector in application of IR and to discuss the opportunities they will have if they adopt the IR approach. We welcome to all Academics/researchers to submit your original work to present in this session.

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Lead Chair for the Exclusive Session:

Dr. Neel Kamal Purohit is currently serving as Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy & Business Statistics, S. S. Jain Subodh P. G. (Autonomous), College, Jaipur, affiliated to University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Recently, Dr. Purohit has Honoured with “Vivekanand Award-2015” for excellent contribution in research and Education, awarded by High court justice Mr. Manish Bhandari and Prof. Vinod Shastri, Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan Sanskrit University, Jaipur with Dr. Purohit is actively engaged in research and publication activities. His 18 research papers has been published in peer reviewed National/International Journals out of which some journals have impact factor and 2 papers has been communicated to journals for publication.

Dr. Purohit is co-author of 10 books on different accounting aspects i.e. Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, Functional Accounting, Cost Accounting etc. most of them are widely read by the students of Graduate and Post-graduate classes pursuing Management and Commerce streams . Dr. Purohit has written 2 chapters (1. Dividend Policy 2. Cost of Capital) according to syllabus of Bachelor of Business Administration Course (BBA) of Vardhman Mahaveer open University, Kota- India. His 4 edited books are under publication on different topics i.e. IFRSs, Green Accounting, Forensic Accounting and E- Commerce. Dr. Purohit is also engaged with a research project funded by UGC- New Delhi. Total 28 papers have been presented by him in national/international conferences. Dr. Purohit has attended 4 FDP programs.

Dr. Purohit is also engaged with so many peer review International Journals as Associate Editor, Member of Advisory committee, Reviewer etc. In spite of this Dr. Purohit is actively engaged with American Accounting Association and reviewed 20 research papers has been presented or to be presented in meetings/conferences of AAA. He has attended AAA Annual Meeting held at Atlanta, Georgia from August 2-6, 2014. Dr. Purohit has attended this meeting as a discussant in 3 concurrent sessions. He is invited as Chair Person in a session and Key note speaker in another session in International Conference to be organised by Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria, Africa on 18th -20th February, 2016.

Dr. Purohit is also Life Member/Member of so many Associations i.e. Indian Commerce Association, Indian Accounting Association, Individual member of International Association of Accounting Education & Research (IAAER), Operational Research Society of India, International Society of Management etc. Dr. Purohit is also appointed as Resource person of Investor Awareness Program framed by the Central Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India, New Delhi. Dr. Purohit has organised 11 programs in different parts of Jaipur city. Dr. Purohit has also invited as Resource Persons in different training programs of State Government of Rajasthan. Dr. Purohit has delivered 26 lectures in these training Programs.

Dr. Purohit has experience of organising one National Conference on the topic “Accounting Disclosure and Financial Reporting Standards- In Indian Context” in February 2012 and one International Conference on the topic “Social Responsibility in Economic Perspective- A Global Issue” in January 2014. Dr. Purohit was organising Secretary/Convenor of both the conferences. Dr. Purohit also invited as key note speaker in National conference on the topic IFRSs. This conference held in March 2014 at TRS College, Rewa, M. P. – India. Dr. Purohit also delivered lectures on different topics in different colleges. Dr. Purohit also has various administrative positions in college.