CAASR-ICBP Awardees List

Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah; N. Lohgheswary & E. Zakaria
Article ID: ICIET15010211; Article Title: Recent Usage of Software Tools in the Teaching and Learning of Engineering Mathematics; Conference Title: CAASR International Conference on Innovative Engineering & Technologies; Conference Venue: Bangkok, Thailand; Conference Date: November 27th-28th2015

Jeyalakshmi; Dr. S.Poonkuzhali; S.Sreesubha; R.Deepa
Article ID: ICIET16020224; Article Title: Effective Intervention for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Based on Sentiment Analysis; Conference Title: CAASR International Conference on Innovative Engineering & Technologies; Conference Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Conference Date: May 5th-6th 2016

CAASR International Conference Best Paper Award

A CAASR-ICBP Award consisting of $100 will be made to the presenter of the best paper at each CAASR International Conference.


In order for a paper to be considered for the CAASR-ICBP Award, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

  1. The first author must be less than 30 years of age as on the date of the conference
  2. The presenter must notify CAASR-ICBP at least one week in advance of the Conference that they are submitting their paper to the CAASR International Conference Best Paper Award.


  1. This award is presented to outstanding papers presented at the CAASR International Conference.
  2. Each eligible paper will be read by all members of the evaluation committee and evaluated against the criteria below.
  3. Members of the Selection Committee shall decline to evaluate papers if they have the following special relationships with the author(s) of the papers considered: relatives, students, colleagues, and co-authors.
  4. A decision on the CAASR-ICBP Award will be made during the Conference subject to the approval of the CAASR Editorial Board, with the presentation of the award made at the Conference valedictory ceremony

Selection Criteria:

Papers will be reviewed and judged based on the criteria described below.

  1. Each paper will be given a score of 0 – 10 (where 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score) against each criterion.
  2. The score allocated to each paper by each reviewer shall be multiplied by the weighting and then added.The highest scoring paper shall be recommended for the CAASR-ICBP Award.
  3. Where two or more papers receive the same total score, the paper which has the highest score in the highest weighted criteria shall be recommended for the award. If the papers are still tied, the highest score in the second highest weighted criteria will be recommended for the award, and so until a winner is found.


1. Originality (weighting 40%):

Originality of contribution to knowledge with an emphasis on the paper’s innovativeness in one or more of :

  1. theoretical development
  2. empirical results
  3. policy development

2. Quality of Argument (weighting 30%):

Quality of argument incorporating:

  1. Critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings
  2. Consistency and coherency of debate

3. Positioning (weighting 15%):

Clear positioning of paper in existing international literature with a conclusion(s) that is both convincing and of significant potential

4. Writing Style (weighting 15%):

Quality of writing style in term of:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Readability
  3. Clarity
  4. Article structure
  5. Jargon-free language
  6. Clear presentation
  7. Organization of the paper