Corporate Social Responsibility:

CAASR being a Research forum has not forgotten its responsibility toward the Society. It extends its arms towards helping the developing nations, especially in the field of research. There may a number of researchers whose potentials may not have the opportunities to be highlighted due to the incapacities and they may not be in a position to contribute towards the development of the Nation.

CAASR identifies those researchers, when they prefer to present papers through CAASR websites. Yearly 12 participants will be chosen from the developing countries, whose papers really carry value for the society they live in. The Editorial Board, after careful scrutiny will recommend the papers for consideration by the Management. These researchers will get all the benefits as per the CSR norms of CAASR. Their extended version of the papers will be recommended for SCI publication. If found suitable, they will also be provided with chances to Chair the sessions and elevated in their society.


The CAASR- Corporate Social Responsibility Norms:

1. The selected papers will be published in CAASR journals at free of cost.

2. Participation in corresponding CAASR Conference at free of cost. (However the travel and accommodation cost should be borne by the participant).

3. Certificate of Appreciation will be provided based on the contribution to the society.

If you like to apply through the CSR forum, Kindly send the completed article to this email id