CAASR International Conference on Advanced Theoretical Computer Applications

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5th and 6th May 2016, Conference of ICATCA’16

Call for Paper

The so called idiot box is an idiot box until it is properly utilized. It has created the globe in to small hub by being coded with few lines of commands. The programming is so powerful to bring the whole world in to the small mechanical dimension. The programs are written based on the logics and features to give an output that satisfies the needs of billions of people around the globe especially in communication. There are lot of theoretical framework evolves on day to day basis to indentify and meet out the needs of the customers. The information technology has been filled with amazing technocrats who have tremendous potentials to convert the theoretical aspects in to application oriented outputs.

CAASR, being a quality oriented research forum invites academicians and information technologies to submit their research papers in conferences organized at various venues around the globe. The participants will reap the benefit of global exposure. The papers submitted will be peer reviewed by the experts around the globe. Once selected, the authors will have the privilege to present their papers in the international arena. They will have the opportunity to discuss with reputed and eminent scholars from various geographical locations and from various field of research. The organizers will extend their fullest cooperation in guiding the presenters and listeners for qualified presentation and to enjoy the benefits. The presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and its reputed International Journals. Further it will be uploaded in the CAASR library. The accepted papers in exclusive titles will attract the privilege of indexing.

CAASR ensures comfortable stay and presentation in the different global venues. Apart from the academic benefits CAASR will also provide conducive atmosphere for social networking.

The authors have the liberty to interact through email for any further clarifications

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