Once the registration process complete the presenters will be intimated on the schedule of event one week before the event.  Presenters have to prepare as per the norms prescribed by CAASR. They will be provided with all necessary equipments like projector, Laptop with Windows operating system and podium. The presentation should be for 10 minutes plus five minutes for queries. It is the presenter’s responsibility to bring the presentation either in USB drive or CD-ROM.  The keynote speakers will be provided with 45 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for queries.

The presenters should submit their brief profile to the chair person prior to the session. The chair person will deliver the introduction of the presenters which will be followed by the presentations. The presenters are requested to stick on to the allotted time.  The presenters are requested to stay in the venue till the session gets over. The certificates will be issued only after the session is complete.

The ethical behavior within the premises is highly solicited.